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Jamaica is one of the highest populated island-nations in the Caribbean with just under 3 million people.

For over 6 years, Partnership International has been working with the Jamaican Assemblies of God and we have been able to be a part of some amazing things happening on the island.

From building churches and orphanages to hosting sports camps and Vacation Bible Schools for the orphans and surrounding churches, every trip to Jamaica is full of opportunity and extremely rewarding.


*This cost covers food, lodging and on-site transportation.


At Partnership International, we believe in developing custom trips for you and your team that help meet specific needs at our partner locations. We would love to design a trip that works with your calendar and the calendar of our local partners and locations. To request a custom trip for your team, simply click on the button below:

We also recognize that there are some who don’t have a team, but would still like to go on a Partnership International trip. If you are an individual, family, or small group of people who don’t have a team, but would like to join one, please click on the button below:



Most of the ministry in Jamaica is done near the city of Christiana located in Manchester Parish, but teams will also visit churches all across the area.

Teams will stay and work at two places: New Vision Children’s home and/or the Assemblies of God Bible college. These locations are both located in Christiana and are about 10 minutes away from each other.



Every Partnership International trip is led by a P.I. Team Member, but in addition to that, we always partner with a local ministry leader wherever we are working.

Our partners in Jamaica are Pastor Michael and Joan Grant. Pastor Michael is the superintendent of the Assemblies of God in Jamaica and also helps run and manage both New Vision Children’s Home and the Assemblies of God Bible College in Jamaica.